Marketing Team

The capable marketing team gets a thrill from keeping the public accurately informed so that you know what you are getting by doing business with Coventry.

Robin Edwards
Graphic Design/Marketing

Robin brought 20 years of print design experience to Coventry when she started in March of 2007. During that time frame she went from building newspapers to magazines and finally to educational assessment books. Building up writing and photography skills were added bonuses that landed her a job at CLH. Because she is a student of life and its offerings her interests are varied. But once she has chosen to tackle a diversion, tactile or otherwise, she does so with gusto—obtaining quality support tools to hone new skills. Challenging herself is all fun and games to Robin, but she is not the least bit interested in politics—because of her husband’s interest she knows more than she cares to. As to her 30-plus year marriage to her best friend, Mark, Robin gives the credit to ongoing divine intervention! Their two children’s multiplication trick has blessed them with five treasured grandchildren: Sophia, Lily, Jaden, Jaxon and Finn!!!

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Sean Franson
Web Developer/Marketing

Sean Franson, a native of Keene, NH, found his creative niche in all things web before, during and after college. His work took him to Virginia where he was eventually able to work freelance either from his home-base or off-site performing creative marketing feats for impressive companies and clients. We at Coventry, have already discovered that Sean’s talent and dynamic personality is what has propelled his career. Some of Sean’s interests are typical of a technology-driven web developer--gadgets. Gadgets to take photos, surf the web, play music, and communicate socially. Another fascination in heavenly bodies has him excited about recent Milky Way discoveries and enhancing and appreciating his two young daughters emerging personalities. He and his wife Kristin, a Danville, VT native moved north in order to be closer to family. We are glad they did.

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