Office Team

The Office Staff at Coventry keeps EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY running smoothly and Coventry is pleased to have each and every one of them representing the company.

Rachael Cantin

Rachael was taught early in life to see the potential in found things and to repurpose them in clever ways which led her in completing a degree in Interior Design. She particularly enjoys the shabby chic style and has refinished many furniture pieces to reflect that style. Rachael is a twin in the first set of two in the family. She currently resides in Vermont where she keeps her own chickens and a cat. She has a passion for everything farm related: caring for animals, gardening and putting up food. Hunting wild game for food is a sport she thoroughly enjoys—all aspects of it: the hunt; the kill; hauling it home; the cooking and finally, the eating! Especially roast venison. It’s her favorite. Rachael’s truly sweet personality is a great asset to Coventry.

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Shelley Champagne

Shelley grew up locally with a multi-generational work-first ethic so in high school she took all the office courses available and even landed a work study office job that earned her credits. Her second job had her doing accounting and preparing bids for million-dollar hazardous waste clean-up jobs and as the go-to-gal she wore a pager. Over the years her impressive memory and ability to multi-task and all those crazy hours clocked in each week earns her the moniker “The Company Gal Who Runs the Show.” Her can-do energy is making a difference at Coventry and at home. Shelley is a self-proclaimed neat freak, keeping everything clean, tidy and super organized at home too. Which quite frankly is another full-time job with 8 cats, three indoor bunnies, a guinea pig, a Rankin dragon and a fish she keeps in sanitary conditions. At home, she competes with her husband, Dave, and daughter, Brianna to do the cooking but she usually loses out so she jumps at all the household fix-it jobs that come along. She is not intimidated by manuals or user guides and so her love for learning new things has made her the diy queen of her castle. With her daughter recently off to college, Shelley is excited to see what new adventures lay ahead for her and her husband.

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Ashley Lazzara

Thankfully when a receptionist position opened-up at Coventry, that girl at the bank with the big dazzling smile and demeanor was brought-to-mind as a candidate. Ashley Lazzara’s 2-year streak of life-changing good fortune was still going strong when she accepted the job offer. It all started with a meant-to-be love story—her own. Since then she has been putting her ducks in neat little rows. Some of the projects have been ongoing like decorating the starter home her husband, Vinny, has been fixing up. The wedding planning was very rewarding too. But the most welcome change was the birth of their daughter, Gabriella. With the sets of parents so eager to lavish their attentions on the most smiley baby ever, Ashley believes she can duplicate the same exclusive warm childhood she had. Family traditions are key to her happy family plan. Traditions like: preparing meals together followed by her baked cookies--if they get as far as the oven that is; and their annual boat tour off York, Maine shores. We believe she’s got this!

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