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Why We Donít Have Dealers?


We are Factory Direct

We are often asked: “do you have a dealer near me?” and our answer is “no, we are factory direct.” This question comes because many companies sell their homes using a “dealer network”. For most companies, to become a dealer is as simple as buying a home from them and than, in their eyes, you are qualified to sell log homes to others.

We take a different approach, purchasing a log home is probably one of the biggest money decisions you will make in your lifetime and we feel you should be working with an expert. Our factory direct trained professionals have the knowledge to walk you through the entire process and do this as a full time profession.

Just think about this, who would you rather place your trust in for such a large decision: someone who sells them on a part time basis working out of their own home, or a log home expert who is located right at the factory and is available everyday?

A dealer will need to call the factory to ask design and construction questions, they will need to call and try to convey over the phone with a draftsman the change you want to see on your home. They will need to contact the factory to get a price on any customization you want and getting a delivery date could take several days or more because the dealer is so far away from the factory.

At Coventry Log Homes you will work with someone located right here at our factory offices and can walk into drafting to go over your plans, has direct access to the Pricing Department and can go and get a delivery date in possibly just minutes. They can also walk right out and see your logs being milled, pre-cut and even loaded onto the trucks that will bring them to your site - a dealer can’t do that!

We are factory direct for another reason and that is price; remember a dealer is going to make a commission of between 15-20% of your package price. So they make a tremendous profit off you and may have only sold 5 or less homes in their lifetime. We have log home professionals that have sold over 400 homes (and counting!) right here at the factory.

We think it all adds up to a simple conclusion: working with a factory direct professional at Coventry Log Homes will make for a better experience for you and your family.

Factory direct: saves you money, gets you the best help, and assures you get the best materials.

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