Office Team

The Office Staff at Coventry keeps EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY running smoothly and Coventry is pleased to have each and every one of them representing the company.

Erika House

Erika House is a collector. She collects college degrees: a bachelors with a major in women’s studies, and minor in education; and a Masters in elementary education. She collects passport stamps (currently working on her second book). She even combined her collections and studied in England getting another passport stamp. This young woman grew up locally but has visited family in Latvia. There, she has a rich family history from the old country complete with first-hand accounts both fond and horrific told by her grandmother who lived them. Erika delights in making connections in nature and with people and places through first- and second-hand experiences. Hiking adventures in the White Mountains with her parents and friends have been a big part of her life. These days she hikes with her beau and two boys, Lassie-style Collies named Rocco and Skye. This gal does stay home sometimes. Her gardens, both perennial and vegetable, ground her as does her love for cooking especially with ingredients she harvested from the soil she toiled in.

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Ashley Lazzara

Thankfully when a receptionist position opened-up at Coventry, that girl at the bank with the big dazzling smile and demeanor was brought-to-mind as a candidate. Ashley Lazzara’s 2-year streak of life-changing good fortune was still going strong when she accepted the job offer. It all started with a meant-to-be love story—her own. Since then she has been putting her ducks in neat little rows. Some of the projects have been ongoing like decorating the starter home her husband, Vinny, has been fixing up. The wedding planning was very rewarding too. But the most welcome change was the birth of their daughter, Gabriella. With the sets of parents so eager to lavish their attentions on the most smiley baby ever, Ashley believes she can duplicate the same exclusive warm childhood she had. Family traditions are key to her happy family plan. Traditions like: preparing meals together followed by her baked cookies--if they get as far as the oven that is; and their annual boat tour off York, Maine shores. We believe she’s got this!

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Linda Eastman

Linda Eastman originally from Connecticut moved to Bath, New Hampshire with her husband David over 20 years ago. Her interests are gardening, oil and decorative painting. Linda can be found spending her weekends and vacations cruising with her friends, she and David ride in style in their streetrod.

She has 5 children and 5 grandchildren. Linda comes to Coventry Log Homes with over 20 years of experience in bookkeeping and accounting and some background in commercial property management.  

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