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Why Buy From Us?

Why We Don’t Have Dealers

We are Factory Direct

We are often asked: “do you have a dealer near me?” and our answer is “no, we are factory direct.” This question comes because many companies sell their homes using a “dealer network”. For most companies, to become a dealer is as simple as buying a home from them and then, in their eyes, you are qualified to sell log homes to others.

Pre-Cut Logs

All the logs in our package are pre-cut, numbered, and lettered here at our factory exactly to your plan, including ALL the corners, ALL the window and door openings, and ALL the gable logs. This saves thousands of $$$ dollars for you on the construction side. Pre-cut logs go up faster on the job – meaning you will enjoy your new log home much sooner. Better quality construction – our specialty equipment is designed to make the cuts and notches exactly to the plan. Other companies send you uncut logs and expect you to do that on site and it can’t be done!

Kiln Dried Logs

We use the best kiln-dried Northeastern White Pine logs to build your log home. In fact, the best quality pine logs in the world are located within an 80-mile radius of our factory. Better trees mean you get a better product. On top of having the best quality logs, we make sure they are dry and stable. We are one of very few companies that certify the moisture of our loads. Our homes are 3rd party verified and designed to meet the criteria of a non-settling system to the standards of the ICC 400-2017 Standard on the Design and Construction of Log Structures. No settling screws or jack bolts are used in our homes. Companies that use jack bolts to accommodate for their green wet logs, expect you as the customer, to adjust these for several years. Do you really want that?

We certify our moisture content to 19% or less.

Graded Logs

Building code requires logs to be graded in every state by a 3rd party grading agency. Building inspectors can stop construction onsite if you can not produce the proper documentation for the logs. We grade all our logs to the Log & Timber Home Council specifications.

Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee on an apples to apples quote that we won’t be beat, period! It’s that simple. Price is important and we give you our promise to be lower than anyone.

Top Quality Materials

We use top quality Andersen window and patio doors, Therma-Tru fiberglass entry doors and solid pre-hung 6-panel pine interior doors.

A Complete Materials Package

One of the most complete packages available including these top brands:

  • Andersen Windows & Patio Doors
  • Therma-Tru Fiberglass exterior doors
  • Pre-hung 6 panel solid wood interior doors
  • ¾ Engineered Sub-floor Sheathing
  • Tri-flex roof membrane
  • Architectural shingles

Unsurpassed Customer Service

We are not new to this. Our team of experts have been designing and building log homes for over 20 years. From purchase to finish we promise to be here for you. We can and will answer every question you have about building a new log home.

"Every day I wake up and am just amazed that I live in such a beautiful home. It is so peaceful and comfortable and I am so thankful to be living there. Thank you so much for the enormous part you played in helping me build a wonderful home."

Judy - Maine

We Are a Log and Timber Homes Council Member

With all the decisions about building your log home one of the biggest questions you may ask yourself is, “Who should I buy from and work with to make my dream home come true?” To belong to the Log and Timber Homes Council, manufacturers must grade their logs by accredited third-party agencies to monitor the quality of the materials. This ensures the logs used in construction meet the national standard of log home construction (called the ICC 400-2012 Standard on the Design and Construction of Log Structures).

National Association of Home Builders - Coventry Log Homes

Why We Don’t Believe in Adding Insulation to the Interior Walls?

Our logs meet building energy codes without adding insulation as some companies suggest. In fact, 3rd party analysts suggest this is a bad idea and will have long term problems.

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