Team Members

Management Team

Jeff Elliott - Coventry Log Homes

Jeff Elliott


Jeff has been involved in the family business his whole life. He enjoys the great employees and the satisfaction of creating a wonderful log home. He lives in his own creation log home in Benton, New Hampshire. Away from work Jeff enjoys riding his Harley Davidson, his horses, snowmobiles, and ATVs as well as playing golf and skiing. He also enjoys spending time with friends and family and takes pride in Coventry Log Home’s promise to do everything possible to make your log home dreams come true.

Mark LG - Coventry Log Homes

Mark Elliott

Vice President

Mark started working in the family business back in the 1990’s when he was in high school. He's been involved in every part of the business, from manufacturing, to selling homes and building them has given him a lot of experience to help others with. He is actively involved in the industry and serves as a Steering Committee member for the Log & Timber Homes Council. Mark also serves on the ICC Standards Committee as the alternate Chairperson and is frequently working on a national level with energy codes. As an active member of his church, Mark serves as a deacon. In his free time, Mark enjoys spending time with his wife and children, hunting, fishing, off roading with his Jeep, camping, and riding ATVs.

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Sales Team

Coventry Log Homes has the most knowledgeable, friendly sales staff. The team consists of Kris, Debbie, Jeremy and Richard. They are here to provide you with the best service and support during the designing phase to the building phase of your Coventry Log Home.

Team Production Kris - Coventry Log Homes

Kris Still-Arnold

Team Sales Richard 2017 - Coventry Log Homes

Richard Titorenko

Production Team

The Production team also known as problem solvers takes care of the details so the home you dreamed about becomes your reality. Coventry wholeheartedly vouches for their technical expertise and ability to deliver as promised.

Team Production Dylan - Coventry Log Homes

Dylan Dickenson

Head Draftsman

Dylan became the drafting department in the Spring of 2002 when the company experienced a growth surge and he held the title of youngest employee until 2015. This man is seriously on task in all endeavors, on-the-job he unwaveringly meets design challenges head on. Additionally, he mows Coventry’s expansive lawn, his systematic approach, and the chance to use a super cool mower gives him a thrill—seriously. In his personal life, he saves and spends his money on wise investments only. Naturally he became a property owner and tended his own vegetable garden. Dylan considers recreation to be a wise investment too, so little by little he purchased and fully enjoyed his motorcycle, his motor boat, his mountain bike, and his golf clubs. Many of us thought he would remain a bachelor but Dylan finally met Tori and discovered that she was the woman of his dreams so he wisely made the marital investment in June 2016. Those toys he invested in so long ago are being enjoyed now with his bride at his side. That said, we foresee more investments in their future!

Team Production Andrew - Coventry Log Homes

Andrew Elliott


Andrew grew up in the log home his father, the VP of Coventry, built and in and around the log home business. Coventry even has promotional material that shows the eight-year-old Andrew helping his grampa and dad build the first of the on-site Cabin Series models. When an opening in the drafting department became available he thought when the time was right that would be a good job for him. In the mean-time he apprenticed for our sister company where he practiced his “see the task through” philosophy and learned more complex carpentry skills. And then the time was right. Interestingly, the time was right for several grown-up ventures. Andrew became a homeowner believing that he should have his ducks-in-a-row before moving forward with Abby, the girl of his dreams. This young man has a lot to offer and is no doubt a dream come true for her as well. Andrew enjoys hunting and fishing with the same enthusiasm as his forefathers. As a member of the Ammonoosuc Game Club he has a goal to hit 25 out of 25 clay pigeons. He is currently shooting 21 out of 25. Everything points to this guy meeting his goals.

Team Production Brian - Coventry Log Homes

Brian Simano

Production Manager

Brian has been with us since 2002, and enjoys the opportunity to work with people all over the country. He attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Plymouth State College, and has extensive experience in the lumber industry. He is a member of the Haverhill Corner Fire Department. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, hiking, golfing, and traveling.

Team Production Doug - Coventry Log Homes

Doug Thornton


Doug began working in our mill in June of 2004. He soon moved into our Drafting Department, where his skills and experience from 10 years in the lumber industry are fully realized. He enjoys being part of a forward-thinking team in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. He lives in nearby Bath, New Hampshire, with his wife and two children. He enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, repairing computers, NASCAR, and building.

Team Production Betsy - Coventry Log Homes

Betsy Stead

Pricing Specalist

Out of our growing company needs a pricing position was created. Betsy’s extensive experience in both purchasing analytics for upscale retailers and in-home construction and design made her a perfect fit. The sales and drafting team consider her attention to detail an invaluable asset. A fit and avid outdoorswoman, Betsy takes full advantage of the nearby rugged White Mountain National Forest for sporting all-season excursions with her Labradors and their friends. She feels strongly about the principles of preservation and conservation so much so that she recently became a member of the Conservation Commission. To challenge her body and mind Betsy faithfully practices yoga and has made great progress teaching herself an architectural design program.

Manufacturing Team

The manufacturing team does a superb job of ensuring the accuracy and quality of the kiln-dried, pre-cut and numbered logs that will make up your dream home.

Matt R - Coventry Log Homes

Matt Rutchick

Mill Foreman

Matt Rutchick had some previous experience in the construction industry when he started work for Coventry right out of high school. He has recently built his own home in the nearby hills of Vermont. Despite his job mainly being an outdoor proposition, he still enjoys outdoor recreation like 4-wheeling, swimming, boating, participating and spectating in various sports like baseball and soccer. Matt holds the position of point guard on the local basketball team, The Haverhill Hawks and shortstop for the baseball team he plays for called The Shockers. Let’s hear a cheer for Matt—"Go Matt Go!"

team manufacturing alex - Coventry Log Homes

Alex Sutherland


Alex holds a degree in Automotive Technology and has been an ASE Certified Mechanic. Because of his extensive knowledge with all things mechanical, he is a perfect fit to help keep our equipment and property in tip top shape. Alex and his family moved to New Hampshire when he was a teenager after living in Connecticut. Growing up he was involved in one of his many hobbies of riding motorcycles and racing at the local dirt track, where he won many races and was even track champion in his division. Today, you will find that he spends his free time with grandchildren. He also spends plenty of time either bass fishing or hunting, whichever is in season.

Mill Staff - Coventry Log Homes

Mill Staff

Office Team

The Office Staff at Coventry keeps EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY running smoothly and Coventry is pleased to have each and every one of them representing the company.

Team Office Rachel - Coventry Log Homes

Rachael Cantin

Rachael was taught early in life to see the potential in found things and to repurpose them in clever ways which led her in completing a degree in Interior Design. She particularly enjoys the shabby chic style and has refinished many furniture pieces to reflect that style. Rachael is a twin in the first set of two in the family. She currently resides in Vermont where she keeps her own chickens and a cat. She has a passion for everything farm related: caring for animals, gardening and putting up food. Hunting wild game for food is a sport she thoroughly enjoys—all aspects of it: the hunt; the kill; hauling it home; the cooking and finally, the eating! Especially roast venison. It’s her favorite. Rachael’s truly sweet personality is a great asset to Coventry.

Team Office Shelley - Coventry Log Homes

Shelley Champagne

Shelley grew up locally with a multi-generational work-first ethic so in high school she took all the office courses available and even landed a work study office job that earned her credits. Her second job had her doing accounting and preparing bids for million-dollar hazardous waste clean-up jobs and as the go-to-gal she wore a pager. Over the years her impressive memory and ability to multi-task and all those crazy hours clocked in each week earns her the moniker “The Company Gal Who Runs the Show.” Her can-do energy is making a difference at Coventry and at home. Shelley is a self-proclaimed neat freak, keeping everything clean, tidy and super organized at home too. Which quite frankly is another full-time job with 8 cats, three indoor bunnies, a guinea pig, a Rankin dragon and a fish she keeps in sanitary conditions. At home, she competes with her husband, Dave, and daughter, Brianna to do the cooking but she usually loses out so she jumps at all the household fix-it jobs that come along. She is not intimidated by manuals or user guides and so her love for learning new things has made her the diy queen of her castle. With her daughter recently off to college, Shelley is excited to see what new adventures lay ahead for her and her husband.

Team Office Ashley - Coventry Log Homes

Ashley Lazzara

Thankfully when a receptionist position opened-up at Coventry, that girl at the bank with the big dazzling smile and demeanor was brought-to-mind as a candidate. Ashley Lazzara’s 2-year streak of life-changing good fortune was still going strong when she accepted the job offer. It all started with a meant-to-be love story—her own. Since then she has been putting her ducks in neat little rows. Some of the projects have been ongoing like decorating the starter home her husband, Vinny, has been fixing up. The wedding planning was very rewarding too. But the most welcome change was the birth of their daughter, Gabriella. With the sets of parents so eager to lavish their attentions on the most smiley baby ever, Ashley believes she can duplicate the same exclusive warm childhood she had. Family traditions are key to her happy family plan. Traditions like: preparing meals together followed by her baked cookies--if they get as far as the oven that is; and their annual boat tour off York, Maine shores. We believe she’s got this!

Team Office Amy - Coventry Log Homes

Amy Ingerson

Amy has been fortunate enough to pack her resume with a fun mix of work experiences while raising two children, now grown. The very posh environments where she plied her bookkeeping skills would make anyone envious but she takes it all in a humble stride. Amy is most comfortable talking about her three rescue dogs, Klio-a Whippet mix; Charlotte-a border collie; Brutus-a pit mix and the fourth dog they acquired as a pup, Jasper-an Italian greyhound. Her daily passion is in reading or combining listening to fantasy books while crocheting hats, mittens, scarves and afghans which she donates to a homeless shelter. She also has goals which include making return trips to Alaska where she and her husband, Tim, enjoy taking in all the wonders of the exotic natural world in abundance there. This trip satisfies her nature photography itch too. She and her husband have been riding motorcycles together for some time, though she recently acquired her own bike and she plans to get out there more. Who knows, they may one day make one of their reoccurring Alaska trips riding abreast--with the wind. Good Luck Amy!

Marketing Team

The capable marketing team gets a thrill from keeping the public accurately informed so that you know what you are getting by doing business with Coventry.

Team Marketing Robin - Coventry Log Homes

Robin Edwards

Graphic Design / Marketing

Robin brought 20 years of print design experience to Coventry when she started in March of 2007. During that time-frame she went from building newspapers to magazines and finally to educational assessment books. Building up writing and photography skills were added bonuses that landed her a job at CLH. Because she is a student of life and its offerings her interests are varied. But once she has chosen to tackle a diversion, tactile or otherwise, she does so with gusto—obtaining quality support tools to hone new skills. Challenging herself is all fun and games to Robin, but she is not the least bit interested in politics—because of her husband’s interest she knows more than she cares to. As to her 40-plus year marriage to her best friend, Mark, Robin gives the credit to ongoing divine intervention! Their two children’s multiplication trick has blessed them with five treasured grandchildren.

Team Marketing Sean - Coventry Log Homes

Sean Franson

Web Developer / Marketing

Sean Franson, a native of Keene, NH, found his creative niche in all things web before, during and after college. His work took him to Virginia where he was eventually able to work freelance either from his home-base or off-site performing creative marketing feats for impressive companies and clients. We at Coventry, have already discovered that Sean’s talent and dynamic personality is what has propelled his career. Some of Sean’s interests are typical of a technology-driven web developer--gadgets. Gadgets to take photos, surf the web, play music, and communicate socially. Another fascination in heavenly bodies has him excited about recent Milky Way discoveries and enhancing and appreciating his two young daughters emerging personalities. He and his wife Kristin, a Danville, VT native moved north in order to be closer to family. We are glad they did.

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