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Richard Titorenko

Richard joined the Coventry Log Homes sales team in 2004 coming in with a strong background in the lumber industry. Being a positive people person by nature he was eager to give sales a try. The fit turned out to be a good one as his client base have often ended up becoming his friends. When Richard is not busy on the mission field with his wife, Teresa, he can be found hunting and fishing as he has figured out ways involving some travel in order to stay active in the sport year-round. For those inevitable couch potato moments he and his son, Noah, happily keep score and check athlete standings for all the major sports teams for which they have clear favorites. Be sure to ask him about it. He is not shy to declare the “best” teams.

Read what customers are saying about our Richard:

We used Coventry.

I found their website to be the easiest to navigate and the most informative and prices were comparable to other companies we checked out. They also offered the most complete package we found anywhere.

They worked well with us in the planning process always responding quickly to every "ignorant" question we had and making changes we wanted no matter how many times we changed our minds or how late in the game it was.

They delivered for $1.00...yes, you read that right, "one dollar".

They've been most helpful during the building process as well...guiding us and explaining things along the way.

We're almost finished building and can say we are happy with the product itself as well as the service they have provided throughout the process.

I highly recommend them.

Anita Anderson

Building a log cabin begins by building a team between the owner, the manufacturer and the builder.  I selected Coventry to manufacture my custom cabin based upon reputation, quality of materials and value.  Coventry worked for months to help me design a custom cabin.  Richard is an outstanding sales specialist who remained patient with me throughout my many changes.  He replied quickly to my questions...even on weekends.  Coventry has a team of professionals with years of experience.  Each stage of the design and manufacturing process was well planned and continuously communicated to me.  I was extremely pleased with the entire process!

After meeting with several builders, I selected Arrowbrook Construction of Roscoe, New York.  As I was looking at builders, a prior Arrowbrook customer told me "You need to hire these guys."  He spoke the truth.  This is now a phrase I will tell anyone who asks.  Scott and his team of craftsmen are perfectionists.  Each day Arrowbrook worked on the cabin strengthened my trust in them.    They never disappointed!  I'm not sure if they have a motto, but I would suggest "Integrity, Excellence, Trust. That's Arrowbrook Construction."

This team was fantastic.  The end product of this collaboration was a cabin that, for me, is perfect.  Our custom cabin was selected by Coventry to become a standard model floor plan:  The Forester.  I believe I can speak for the team when I say how proud we are of the cabin that we built together.

Thomas Forrester

Dear Rich and Coventry Log Homes,

For nearly 10 years we planned, researched, and dreamt that one day we would finally be able to build our own dream log home. From day one we always considered Coventry Log Homes as one of the possible providers for our log package. After driving up to New Hampshire in the fall of 2017 and meeting with Rich, we fell in love with the Coventry team and the quality of their products. We knew after that meeting that we needed to look no further than Coventry in order to find the provider for our log package. We worked with Rich to customize our design and put our plan in action, and Rich was there to answer all of our questions and guide us through the entire process. I was amazed at how well and how smooth the construction process went with Coventry’s package, as we self-built our house. We get so many compliments on our completed home, and those that see it in person fall in love with it. We couldn’t be happier with the end result of our dream log home, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to use Coventry Log Homes to help get us there.


Greg and Kate

Hello Richard, it's been a while since we talked. I will be getting a occupancy permit friday, all went great, I wanted to thank you for your help on this project. Your work and product are first class.

Please see this video at:


New Hampshire

Hi Richard,

Florida is probably not the best place to send fall pictures from since we really never see it.

However, I do want to give Coventry Log Homes some props from Florida. My Coventry Fairfield was in the direct line of the eye for Hurricane Irma at category 2 strength. The eye passed over around 1:30am-2:00am Monday morning. It sounded like a train was circling my Coventry Log Home for about 20-30 minutes as the front wall of the eye passed over. The next morning I had many trees bent over and some even down around my house (plenty of clean up to do now). I can officially say that my Coventry Log Home sustained absolutely zero damage and held together like it was made to take on a hurricane. I am not saying I want to try it again, but I am very happy it held together. Not many other homes here in my area are able to say the same thing.

One thing to note….I built this entire thing myself, with the occasional help of family/friends when it wasn’t something I could do on my own (I’m a bit OCD so I like to do things myself if possible, plus it was a great learning experience).

I hope you’re doing well there and if some good pictures come around I will definitely send them.

Take care and God bless!



My wife and I had dreamed about building a log home. And for years we had gone to shows and researched each company. Coventry Log Homes always came out on top. Richard and the crew always provided us with information we needed even when a sale did not look likely. I would recommend Coventry to anyone looking to build a log home.

Josh and Heather


Losing a life-long home in a fire is not an easy thing. Coventry Log Homes and their representatives were very helpful and patient with me. Their concern was that I would be pleased with my decisions not whether they would make a quick sale. They were also very helpful throughout the whole process. They supplied more than enough quality material and were very good about replacing anything that might have been damaged in shipping. I was very impressed by the integrity level of the company and the employees that represented them. I give a big thank you to Richard Titorenko for all the encouragement and wisdom.



It is been about three years since we completed our Woodland home here in southern New Mexico. We love it and have had no problems with it. A lesson learned though. The first staining was done by our son while we needed to be out of state. To save money they bought latex stain. This summer we had to strip and sand off that stain since it was peeling. We used a top quality oil base stain and it looks great. Thanks to Coventry for a superior quality product.



Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, but we have been spending all of our time working on the house interior. Randy is coming by soon to finish up the outside by trimming the windows and building porch stairs. I will send you pictures this summer when things start to look good. We can't put in our tile floor, which will cover the entire 1st floor, until the heat is turned off for the season. This is because of the in floor heating system we have.

We would like to thank you for the great deal you gave us on the log home package. The house will be beyond great when it is finished. The quality and quantity of the materials you sent was superior. We do not have a single complaint about anything having to do with the house package. All of us are fully satisfied and very happy with everything you sent.

We are leaving for Hawaii tomorrow and will be gone for the entire month. My grandson is graduating from high school and we are going to help him celebrate.
When we get back and finish up the interior I'll send you a full package of pictures. both in and outside.

Again, thanks for your help. The fire seems like a distant memory now and we are all looking forward to having the house completed so we can all take a rest on the deck.

Rich & Cathy - Sam & Carol

Hello Richard,

I received the hinges and they are installed.

Thanks for your great response. I originally was drawn to your company because of the sheer number of styles of log homes. The Christian logo as well as the testimony of Mark Elliott encouraged me to support Coventry. After the first contact with you Richard I knew I would be buying a log cabin. You and your company have always gone above and beyond in product and service. I truly feel Coventry Log Homes exemplifies a Christian Company not just in word but in deed.

Thanks again Richard for everything!



Thanks for thinking of me and also for selling me my lovely Log Home Kit. It's a wonderful cabin.

We love it!!



New Hampshire

We want to express our gratitude to Coventry Log Homes and especially to Richard for helping us achieve our dream of building a log cabin. He was extremely knowledgeable and addressed all of our concerns and questions immediately. We truly believe we couldn't of accomplished this endeavor without him. Delivery was on time and our construction crew (Apfel Construction) was excellent. Thank You Coventry for providing us with a top notch complete package kit. We love our Cabin and know for years to come our grandchildren will love and enjoy it also!

Garry & Eileen


Lisa and I couldn't be any happier with Coventry. Your product and service is top notch.

Jamie & Lisa


Still loving our decision to go with Coventry and love our log home!

Blessings -

Julee and Rich


Hi Richard from Canada. Best family project ever! We had such a great time building our new home. Here are a few pictures and time frame that it took husband, wife and the 2 children to build our cottage.


Hello Richard,

I love my log home. It has been almost 7 years since the completion of my log home, and I love it as much today, as I did throughout the whole building process.

In August 2011 my home was ravaged by (Hurricane) Tropical Storm Irene, 3-6+ feet of silt buried my property, and feet upon, feet of water flooded my home. The flooring, and everything on my main floor, and in my basement needed to be replaced. However the structure of my log home remained completely intact, and stable. After replacing the subfloor, all of my log walls were thoroughly disinfected, and cleaned. I feel in a sense the interior of my home was completed twice. I am so thankful I had a log home, and not a traditional home with sheetrock and insulation. My young son and I were able to move home much quicker than expected because I had a log home. Forever I will know I made the right choice to purchase a log home kit from Coventry Log Homes.

Thank you,



To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to inform your company how much we have enjoyed working with Richard. His honest, friendly manner shines thru whenever you talk to him and you know you are getting reliable, accurate information at all times. We were not able to pursue our purchase of a log kit at this time, mainly because of the high cost of a required raised bed septic system as well as higher than we were led to believe costs of completing the house.

I have recommended Richard to a good friend who I believe has contacted your company. His name is Jack Jones and he owns property ...where we live.

I know the value of good employees, having been in business for myself since 1974. Count your blessings to have an employee like Richard as they are hard to find.



New York

Richard...I have lots of great pictures I will be sending you very shortly! Gord has done some amazing work in the house and we LOVE our Coventry Log home!!!

Thank you!


Manitoba, Canada

Coventry Log homes is really the way to go with a log home. Its professional. The logs are manufactured to strict standards. This is very important...

Rich & Helene


Hi, Richard!

Nice hearing from you. We love our cabin. Thanks to you!


…we continue to be delighted with our Coventry Log Home and with your company, and we hype it to our friends at any opportunity. We’re basically done and enjoying it regularly, 4 seasons. We’re still chipping away at small things like interior trim, curtains and upgrading our furnishings, maybe a finished familyextra bunking room in the basement next season. We have a ton of pics online from the first 3-4 years, on Picassa. Can’t recall if I ever shared these with you but would be more than happy to. Not available to the general public but if there are particular shots that you liked I could send them to you.

Hope you had a great summer and looking forward to foliage and winter.



Now that our Clearwater log home is essentially finished, I would like to thank you and Coventry Homes for your log package as well as the pleasant dealings during the past 11 months. You have offered helpful advice during our building process as well as prompt attention to any of our questions. Coventry has provided material for a great house. And I might add, a very nice home lay out design. I'm sure we will enjoy the house for years.

I would also like to say our builder, Dale Phelps, was excellent. He provided excellent quality, creative ideas and a finished product that we and Coventry can be pleased with.

Thanks Again,

Richard and Sandra

New Hampshire


We completed the initial construction of our Coventry Log Home near the end of August of this year and I just spent a week on vacation with my family finishing the interior. I just want to say that Rhonda and I and our family are very pleased with our Coventry Log Home. Everything through-out all phases from deciding on which home plan, design changes and target dates versus actual went flawlessly. The workmanship of the contractor (Frame to Finish) that you recommended was outstanding and the construction went exactly to plan as well.

Our overall experience in the purchase and construction of the home was very good and I would recommend Coventry Log Homes to anyone looking to build their Dream Home as we were. Again I would like to say thank-you to you and all your staff as you all made this seemingly big undertaking very easy for us. If you ever get a chance to come and see our home in person, we would be very pleased to have you or your staff come for a visit in Northern Saskatchewan.

All the Best,

Tom and Rhonda

Saskatchewan, Canada

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