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The Lay of the Land

Looking for the perfect plot for your log home? These 5 tips will help you narrow the field.

Log Home Living 2019 Buyers Guide

Off-The-Grid Initiatives

People have different reasons for living off-the-grid. It may be a temporary solution or its simply too cost prohibitive to connect to the grid. Typically, though, living off-the-grid is an ideal-based choice. Whether the objective is makingdo, self-reliance, or environmental impact, those who take the off-the-grid living initiative must learn to master the balance between old and new technology options and an acceptable level of home comforts. An evaluative approach from research to cost analysis to application is a must in order to attain that balance.

Comforts of Home

Building a dream cabin in New England.

Animal House

Hunting trophies return to their original stomping grounds to adorn a New Hampshire cabin.

Renting Your Log Home

If you’re building a vacation log home, the idea of renting it out to others when you’re not using it may be appealing. Why not have your log home earn its keep?

Choosing Logs - Profiles & Packages

Deciding on a log package is one of the key moments in the log home buying process. Our no-fail guide will help you understand your choices.

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Design Tips

tip2 - Coventry Log Homes

Construction Tips

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